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This website is owned, managed and maintained by Shenzhen Pilot Guards Security Technology Co., Ltd. Please read the following terms carefully before using this website. By using this website, you are aware of and accept these terms (hereinafter referred to as the "Terms of Use"). If you do not accept the relevant terms and conditions, please stop viewing this site or any webpage on the site immediately.

1. Website usage rules

Subject to the user's compliance with these Terms of Use, Espier Guardian grants the user limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, revocable, non-commercial use for personal use only. In any case, the content and services of this website (including but not limited to identity information such as user names obtained by users) are only permitted for personal use by users and may not be sold or transferred. 保留本使用条款未特别授予的所有权利。 Pilot Guards reserves all rights not specifically granted in these Terms of Use.

Users must follow the following principles when using this website:

1) Comply with all applicable laws and regulations;

2) Comply with these Terms of Use and all related agreements, regulations and procedures, and must also follow Internet-related procedures and practices;

3) Do not use this website to engage in illegal crimes, including acts that split the country, instigate crimes against others, violate computer security systems, interfere with or disrupt online services, etc., which endanger national security or harm public interests;

4) Do not use this website for any behavior that may adversely affect the normal operation of the Internet;

关联企业或其他任何第三方的专利权、著作权、商标权等知识产权、名誉权或其他任何合法权益,或从事损害领航卫士利益或对领航卫士造成不利影响的行为。 5) Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights, reputation rights, or any other legitimate rights and interests such as the patent rights, copyrights, trademark rights, or any other legal rights of the affiliated companies of Pilot Guards or any other third party, or engage in actions that damage the interests of Pilot Guards or adversely affect Pilot Guards .

事先许可,用户不得为任何目的从事以下行为: 6) Unless you have complied with the other provisions of these Terms of Use or obtained the pilot ’s prior permission, the user shall not engage in any of the following activities for any purpose:

-Download, copy, display, distribute, disseminate, upload, publish, and distribute the content of this website;

-Modify, edit or otherwise interpret the content of this website;

-Transfer, resell or rent the content or services of this website.

可自行判断要求用户改正或采取一切必要的措施(包括但不限于删除用户上传的内容、暂停或终止用户使用本网站的权利)以减轻用户不当行为造成的影响。 7) When users use this website in violation of any of the above provisions, Pilot Guards may, at its own discretion, require users to correct or take all necessary measures (including but not limited to deleting user uploaded content, suspending or terminating the user's right to use this website) to mitigate Impact of user misconduct.

2. 知识产权 Pilot Guards Intellectual Property

关联企业拥有的商标、商号、标识、图案、 领航卫士产品型号及名称、本网站的名称、域名或其衍生物(以下简称“ 领航卫士标识”)不拥有任何权利。 1) The user does not have any rights to the trademarks, trade names, logos, patterns, pilot defender product models and names, the name of this website, the domain name or its derivatives (hereinafter referred to as "the pilot defender logo") owned by the pilot defender affiliated enterprises. These Terms of Use also do not grant users any of the above rights or benefits. 事先书面同意的情况下,用户不得在任何宣传或促销材料、出版物中或媒体上使用领航卫士标识。 The user shall not use the pilot guard logo in any promotional or promotional materials, publications or media without the pilot pilot's prior written consent.

关联企业或该内容提供者所有。 2) Any information, text, graphics and other website content contained in this website are protected by copyright law, trademark law, and / or other intellectual property laws and other related laws, and their rights are owned by the affiliated company or the content provider . 或有关权利人事先同意,用户不得复制、分发、传播、修改、编辑,或在任何媒体直接或间接发布、播放该些内容,或者将该些内容用于任何商业目的。 Users must not copy, distribute, disseminate, modify, edit, or directly or indirectly publish or play these contents, or use them for any commercial purpose without the prior consent of Pilot Guard or the relevant right holders.

或有关权利人事先同意的前提下,在遵循领航卫士或有关权利人指示的基础上,用户可以对网站内容进行复制或分发,但用户必须确保复制和分发是完整和真实的,包括但不仅限于所有有关电子文档、著作权和商标宣言等,亦包括本使用条款本身。 3) Users can copy or distribute the content of the website on the premise of the pilot guard or the relevant right holder's prior consent, and follow the instructions of the pilot guard or the relevant right holder. , Including, but not limited to, all relevant electronic documents, copyrights, and trademark declarations, but also these Terms of Use themselves.

实现书面同意,用户不得在任何网站上添加通往本站或站内任何网页的链接,也不得在任何其它服务器或基于Internet的设备上建立本站中包含的任何资料或者第三方内容的“结构”或“镜像”。 4) Without the written consent of the Pilot Guards , the user may not add links to this site or any web pages within the site on any website, nor establish any information contained in this site or any web site on any other server or Internet-based device. "Structure" or "mirror" of tripartite content.

3. Special rules for software downloads

关联企业或其他软件提供商所有。 1) The copyright and related rights of any software and related documents ("Software") that can be downloaded from this website are owned by the pilot affiliates or other software providers. The user shall comply with the provisions of Article 2 of these Terms of Use.

2) The software download can only be used for personal use by the user, and the use of the software shall follow the provisions of the end user license agreement (if any, hereinafter referred to as the "license agreement") included with or included in the software.

3) If the software comes with any warranty, it will only be governed by the terms of the license agreement. 不做任何明示或暗示的保证,包括但不限于准确性、可靠性、适销性、适用于特殊目的或不侵权的保证,亦不承担任何因安装或使用软件而导致的数据丢失或其他损失的责任。 Except as promised in the license agreement, Pilot Guards does not make any express or implied warranties, including but not limited to the guarantees of accuracy, reliability, marketability, special purpose or non-infringement, and does not assume any liability for installation or use Liability for data loss or other loss caused by the software.

4. external link

Website content may contain links to other websites. 经营或参与经营该些网站,亦不代表用户被授予访问或使用该些网站的许可,用户应以自己的责任(包括但不限于遵守该些网站的使用条款)和费用访问该些网站, 领航卫士不对该些网站的内容和行为负责。 Please note: These external links are provided for the convenience of users only, do not represent the pilot guards to operate or participate in the operation of these websites, nor do they represent that users have been granted permission to access or use these websites. Users shall, in their own responsibility (including but not limited to) Limited to comply with the terms of use of those websites) and fees to access these websites, Pilot Guard is not responsible for the content and behavior of these websites.

5. Limitation of Liability

不能保证向用户提供的服务是连续的、即时的、准确的,不能保证缺陷一定会被及时纠正,也不能保证所提供的服务或服务器不受病毒或黑客等有害成分的侵袭。 1) Pilot Guard cannot guarantee that the services provided to users are continuous, instant and accurate. It cannot guarantee that defects will be corrected in a timely manner, nor can it guarantee that the services or servers provided will not be attacked by harmful components such as viruses or hackers. 不作任何形式的有关服务或网站内容的准确性、完整性、令人满意的品质、不侵权或适合某一特殊目的的保证。 Services and website content are provided on an as-is basis, and Pilot Guards does not make any form of warranty as to the accuracy, completeness, satisfactory quality, non-infringement or suitability of a particular purpose of the service or website content.

保留随时修改、增减、取消、暂停、中断或终止提供本网站的服务(全部或部分)而无需事先告知用户的权利, 领航卫士在行使前述各项权利时亦无需对用户承担任何责任。 2) Pilot Guards reserves the right to modify, add, subtract, cancel, suspend, discontinue or terminate the provision of services (in whole or in part) on this website at any time without notifying the user in advance. Pilot Guards does not need to bear the user's responsibility when exercising the aforementioned rights No responsibility.

将尽可能地在本网站提供准确的信息。 3) Pilot Guard will provide as accurate information as possible on this website. 产品的外观(包括但不限于颜色)请以实物为准。 The pictures of the products involved in this website may be slightly different from the actual products. The effect demonstration pictures and schematic diagrams are for reference only (the pictures are synthetic pictures and simulated demonstration pictures). For the appearance (including but not limited to color) of the Pilot Guard product, please use the real thing. Prevail. Due to space limitations, the information contained in this website (including but not limited to product specifications, functional descriptions, etc.) may be incomplete, please refer to the specific information on the product instruction manual. Product prices, specifications, models, and supply conditions are subject to change without notice.

保留随时更改网站内容所涉及的领航卫士产品的设计、规格、工艺、材料的权利,而无需事先通知用户。 4) Pilot Guards reserves the right to change the design, specifications, processes and materials of Pilot Guard products at any time without prior notice to the user.

5) If the server of this website needs to suspend service due to system maintenance or upgrade, it will try to make an announcement in advance. If the service is suspended due to system maintenance or upgrade, or the service is stopped due to server failure, hardware failure, or other force majeure factors, all inconveniences and data, data, etc. caused during the service suspension period, this website will try its best to rescue the recovery; It cannot be restored and this website does not take any responsibility.

不承担由于用户提供信息而可能产生的任何责任,包括但不限于因其他用户在没有获得授权的情形下使用用户提供信息,或因用户提供信息包含错误、不准确、 病毒、诽谤、中伤、侵权等著作权法、隐私法或其他任何法律所禁止的内容或其他内容而产生的任何责任。 6) Pilot Guard does not assume any responsibility that may arise from the user's provision of information, including but not limited to the use of user-provided information by other users without authorization, or because the information provided by the user contains errors, inaccuracies, viruses, and defamation , Defamation, infringement, and other liability arising from content or other content prohibited by copyright law, privacy law, or any other law. 亦不对用户提供信息在任何情形下的丢失、删除、 移除或传输失败承担任何责任,用户应对其提供信息自行保留备份。 Navigate also does not take any responsibility for the loss, deletion, removal or transmission failure of the information provided by the user under any circumstances, and the user should keep a backup of the information provided by the user. 保留随时删除或移除任何用户提供信息的权利,而无需通知用户,且不需承担任何责任。 Pilot Guard reserves the right to delete or remove any user-provided information at any time without notice to the user and without any responsibility.

不承担任何责任。 7) For any legal acts that the user has with third parties through this website or external links, including but not limited to transactions with third parties, the user and the third party bear the full responsibility themselves, and Pilot Guards does not bear any responsibility.

领航卫士关联企业不承担任何责任。 8) The user hereby acknowledges and accepts that: for any direct or indirect loss suffered by the user as a result of using this website, including but not limited to any damage, liability, liability, Pilot Guards and Pilot Guards affiliated companies shall not bear any responsibility for requests, losses or expenses.

6. Compensation

领航卫士关联企业的威胁或被提起的任何类型的诉由、索赔、要求、费用、支出、损失、诉讼、政府调查和/或处罚、损害赔偿和责任,用户应向领航卫士领航卫士关联企业予以赔偿(包括但不限于直接或间接损失、律师和顾问费等),且用户应为领航卫士抗辩,保护领航卫士不受损害。 Any type of cause, claim, claim, expense, expense, loss, lawsuit, government investigation, and / or punishment against a pilot defender or pilot defender affiliated company due to a user's violation of the terms of use of this website For damage compensation and liability, the user shall pay compensation (including but not limited to direct or indirect losses, lawyers and consultant fees, etc.) to the pilot guard or its affiliated enterprises, and the user shall defend the pilot guard to protect the pilot guard from damage.

7. Changes to these Terms of Use

有权在必要时对本使用条款予以修改而无需事先通知用户。 Pilot Guard has the right to modify these Terms of Use if necessary without prior notice to the user. 将尽可能及时地在本网站上进行更新。 If there is any change, the pilot guard will update this website as soon as possible. If the user does not agree with the modified content, he can stop using this website. If users continue to use this website, they are deemed to accept the modified terms of use.

8. Other agreements or terms

产品的销售条款,文档下载的许可协议等所有适用的条款。 When using the services of this website, users may need to abide by other agreements or terms according to the service content involved, including but not limited to the registration terms of members, the software license agreement, the terms of sale for purchasing Pilot Guard products, and document download License agreement and all applicable terms. Users can only use the related services if they fully agree with the terms.

9. Notice

可依其选择通过网站公告、电子邮件或其他方式通知用户。 For the modification of the Terms of Use or other important matters, Pilot Guard may choose to notify users through website announcements, emails or other methods.

10. Applicable law and dispute resolution

The interpretation and enforcement of the terms of use of this website are governed by the laws of the People's Republic of China. 与用户之间关于使用本网站的完整协议。 These Terms of Use and any additional terms published on this website constitute the entire agreement between Navigator Guard and the user regarding the use of this website. If the content of the agreement is inconsistent with the applicable mandatory legal provisions, the mandatory legal provisions shall prevail. Any disputes arising from the implementation of this agreement shall be first settled by the two parties through negotiation; if the negotiation fails, either party may bring a lawsuit to a court of competent jurisdiction in Hangzhou.

11. other

The title of these Terms of Use is for reference only and does not serve as a basis for interpreting the content of the Terms.

12. Right of interpretation

The right to interpret these Terms of Use and the right to interpret this website belongs to the Pilot Guard .

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